Peter Hobler brings a fresh perspective based on personal experience and training to inspire and impact individuals seeking breakthroughs in their relationships, personal life, career, and business leadership. He is the driving force behind The Ex-Factor brand, developer of The 7 Principles of COURAGE, architect of The Vicious Cycle of Subconscious Fear, the author of two books to date, Split Harmony: Turn The Ex-Factor From Chaos To Compassion and COURAGE To Find The FIRE Within: Invest In Yourself To Discover Your Passion, a Personal Development Coach, and keynote speaker.

Peter believes the greatest obstacle that keeps people from realizing and living their true potential is fear. Fear is stifling and crippling. It leads to hesitation, procrastination, self-doubt, disbelief, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, and more


His keynotes are tailored to inspire breakthroughs by sharing empowering principles, insights, and guidance having a significant impact:


  • For individuals to break through obstacles to create life-impacting shifts
  • To positively influence and impact the underlying culture for corporate teams through aligning core values, mission, and vision to fuel individual team members’ inspiration leading to RESULTS.
  • For non-profits to have a better understanding and connection between office personnel and boards for what it takes to create synergistic relationships leading to dramatically improved communications and partnership for what it takes to nurture donor trust to raise funds for the mission at hand.

The EX-FACTOR Philosophy

Provides a specific process for developing and nurturing the mindset you need to take your life, your relationship, your career and business, to the next level…

    1. EX-onerate Forgiveness allows you to release and form the foundation on which to move forward.
    2. EX-amine Where you are/How you got there/Why you’re there/Clarity of Destination.
    3. EX-cavate Reflect on the obstacles holding you back. Uncover and expose them so you can leave them behind.
    4. EX-plore possibilities; what you really want; perspectives; mindset; options.
    5. EX-change Your old attitude/mindset/version of you for a new Belief System.
    6. EX-ecute Take focused action to create inertia and momentum for change.
    7. EX-cellence Be Your Best Every Day.       

“Perfection is unattainable, but in its pursuit you shall find Excellence!”  – Unknown


Living with COURAGE to Intentionally Be the person you were truly born to be
is essential to success in any realm of life

The 7 Principles of COURAGE

Clarity of Destination
  Origin of Inspiration
   Unrealized Potential

Peter’s keynotes include high schools, universities, non-profits, associations, and businesses.
Examples include:

  • Hope Happens for Neurological Disorders annual Evening of Hope and Hope Around The World events
  • Washington University – Overview of Hope Happens for Neurological Disorders
  • John Burroughs School – The 7 Principles of COURAGE
  • Project Youth Impact – The Qualities of Leadership


  • Life Champion Series with renown speaker and Executive Leadership Coach, Coach V, Viliami Tuivai – Your Personal Guidance System
  • Harris Stowe University – The ARG Factor (Awareness, Responsibility, Gratitude)
  • Student athletes at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater – Balance! Inspiration! Excellence!
  • Nine Network Executive Team (St. Louis, Missouri PBS station) – Igniting The Spirit of Possibility
  • Ben Newman’s Vegas Boot Camp – Changing Your Perspective Changes Everything
  • Monthly Bemer Educational Workshops – What Is Your Ex-Factor/Your Personal Guidance System

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