Regain control of your emotions to change the underlying dynamics and keep your children from suffering the traumatic consequences.

Get off the anger and blame roller-coaster with your ex.  You can't afford to wait any longer!

  • The EX-Factor's Creating A Harmonious Split Course is for anyone who is divorced or soon to be divorced and knows their kids don't deserve to suffer due to their choices.
  • The EX-Factor's Creating A Harmonious Split Course is for corporate-minded adults who are willing to put in the work to make themselves and ultimately their relationship with their kids better.
  • The EX-Factor's Creating A Harmonious Split Course is NOT FOR parents who want to continue to blame their ex or their circumstances for everything that goes wrong.
  • The EX-Factor's Creating A Harmonious Split Course is NOT FOR parents who believe their kids are not affected by the divorce situation and are not afraid of their future.

Don't waste another day!  Watch the launch ofThe Creating a Harmonious Split Master Course on demand here.

You're a parent who wants to make it better.  You just need the guidance to get there.  The Creating A Harmonious Split Master Course connects you with a growing community of other divorced parents making a difference in their lives and for their kids.

Become A Divorced Parent Who Is Able To Co-Parent (Compromise) With Their Ex And Have A Stronger And Healthier Relationship With Your Children.

Judy Rubin

Former President of the Board of Directors of Kids in the Middle

Peter Hobler draws from past experiences and speaks with sincerity as he guides parents to focus on the most important principles to teach their young children. Divorce and differences of opinion do not have to derail good parenting and Peter’s book Split Harmony: Turn The Ex-Factor From Chaos To Compassion encourages co- parenting in many positive ways.

Jordan Zabel

Senior Project Manager

I met Peter after losing my father. Peter has had a significant influence in my personal life and for my personal family dynamics. His heartfelt attention, guidance, and insights have deeply impacted my own personal development leading to my having more self-confidence and a more insightful understanding for how to be self-empowered in all areas of my life. Thanks to Peter, my marriage and my approach to fatherhood have completely changed in ways I never knew possible.

Lauri Ashton

CEO, Evaluation Enterprises, LLC

At one of the most challenging points in my life, Peter helped me 'dig deep' to rediscover my strength, ability and belief in myself to transform my life into what I envisioned. He is an outstanding coach who cares deeply about his clients and effectively facilitates the mindset and practices of success

Can your relationship with your kids survive your toxic realtionship with your ex?  Here is how you do it with The Creating A Harmonious Split Master Course to get off the crazy ex cycle:


The ability to stop and resolve the pain of divorce

Divorce scares you, it takes a piece of your soul, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Together we will work through your pain, so you can move forward and work on yourself.


Awareness of the example you are setting for your kids

The legacy you leave for your kids will be shaped by more in what they see from you than anything you teach them.

Learn how to show them by example, how they can respect your ex - their parent.


The ability to create a more harmonious split family environment

Being a part of a split family has it challenges, even if you and your ex are on good terms. The Creating A Harmonious Split Master Course will teach you how to foster an environment where you and your children can thrive.


How to shift your perspective from being a victim to being in control

It can be easy to become the victim in your divorce situation, and while the pain of past hurts can stay with you, you can live a life where it doesn't control you.