Outside My Window

by Chris Hobler and Sonic Joyride | Behemoth

​The song “Outside My Window” was written by my brother Chris Hobler and performed by his band Sonic Joyride. Chris lost his battle with ALS on February 16, 2005. He left behind an incredible legacy of music, his wife Jen and four amazing children, and of Hope Happens for Neurological Disorders, and The Hope Center for Neurological Disorders. His talents and courage were second to none. Chris was my best friend. I hope you enjoy “Outside My Window”… and remember, there is always hope outside your window. It’s all about attitude.

Lyrics to Outside My Window

I was down, thought I’d fallen …. Didn’t know where I was going

Shades were drawn, I’d been ballin’ all night long.

My eyes burned from what they’d seen in the mirror and in front of me

My Life wasn’t what I dreamed the night before.

The sun seemed so distant, I blinked and completely missed it

Didn’t know what I was missing ‘til I looked.

Sometimes I find… Outside my window… the very things I need, everything I need

Sometimes I find… underneath my pillow… the very things I need, everything I need.

She was lost and almost broken… been around, she was always chosen to be the life of the party, the dollar invent.

Last night the highest bidder… fell in love and then forbid her… to keep her eyes closed and then he made her look.

Sometimes you find outside your window the very things you need, everything you need.

Sometimes you find… underneath your pillow the very things you need, everything you need.