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All of Peter Hobler’s products and services are designed with the heartfelt, intentional mission to IMPACT  lives… Inspire More People through Active and Courageous Teaching.

Relationships, Personal Development, Leadership, Private Corporate Culture… ultimately require Clarity, Awareness and Responsibility. These specific principles can be learned and heightened through insights and guidance derived from the right combination of experience and continued education.

Peter’s focus is to share proven principles honed through a unique perspective pertaining to the area of your life you are looking to improve. It takes self-growth to be intentional in the ways you think about, approach, and transform yourself to be the person you need to be, to be the best, most Excellent version of YOU.

Peter Hobler brings a fresh perspective based on personal experience and training to inspire and impact individuals seeking breakthroughs in their relationships, personal life, career, and business leadership. He is the driving force behind The Ex-Factor brand, developer of The 7 Principles of COURAGE, architect of The Vicious Cycle of Subconscious Fear, the author of two books to date, Split Harmony: Turn The Ex-Factor From Chaos To Compassion and COURAGE To Find The FIRE Within: Invest In Yourself To Discover Your Passion, a Personal Development Coach, and keynote speaker.


The EX-Factor Quizzes

(They’re insightful… They’re free… No catch)

The Split Harmony Quiz

When it comes to the daunting challenges and overwhelming pain of divorce for you and your children, how and where can you begin to glean insights for what is going on and to start figuring out what you can do to make things better for the sake of your kids?

This is what The Split Harmony Quiz is all about.

It’s straightforward, simple, and only takes a few minutes. Yet, the insights gleaned can be potentially life-changing.

Before getting married, you never learned how to go through the trials and tribulations of separation and divorce. Once things go “bad”, the natural tendency is to focus on the negative, on what you don’t want.

The purpose of The Split Harmony Quiz is to provide you support to help you gain Clarity for what you want and suggest specific areas to focus on to start to create a positive shift for you, and so very importantly importantly for your children.

After taking the quiz, you’ll receive your score along with insights, recommendations, and resources.

Free Bonus: You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about the meaning of the results of your Split Harmony Quiz score.

The Why Am I Stuck Today Quiz

Are you where you want to be when it comes to your Health? Your Career? Your Life?

Maybe you’re like me. I know for a long time I felt stuck. My health wasn’t completely what I wanted it to be. My career was lackluster to say the least, and I felt stuck and uninspired. Overall, my life seemed to be missing when it came to feeling happy, accomplished, and fulfilled.

Then I realized I had been focusing on the things I didn’t want in my life! The result was that I was receiving more of what I didn’t want.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there! You must have Clarity for what you want, and you’ve got to be Inspired to take action to create this in your life.”

The Why Am I Stuck Today Quiz is short and sweet yet can provide some of the most meaningful insights you’ll ever receive when it comes to figuring out where you are, what you want, and what to start to do to create the shift you have dreamed of.

Take a long, slow breath and take 90 seconds to take the quiz. You’ll receive your “score”, an indication of where you are compared to where you really want to be, and insights, exercises, and resources to help you get closer to where you want to be.

Free Bonus: Schedule a 30-minute free consultation with me to further hone into the meaning of your score and how The Why Am I Stuck Today Quiz insights can help propel you to gain Clarity for what you really want and how to get there.


Split Harmony: Turn The EX-Factor From Chaos To Compassion

There is so much pain that often comes with the experience of going through separation and divorce. Emotions are heightened and extreme reactionary behavior tends to become the norm.

You feel the pain. Your ex feels the pain. Your children certainly feel the pain.

Children are caught in the middle. They have absolutely no say in what is going on or in how the two of you are handling things and interacting with one another. They can feel guilty, unloved, confused, depressed, afraid…

During the duress of divorce, parents’ heated, reactive, accusatory, and threatening words and behavior can lead to lifelong psychological and emotional trauma for children.

As a parent, your words, choices, behavior, especially your anger fueled reactions, and the consequences of each, impact, affect, and teach your children by example.

Split Harmony shares insights and guidance based on The EX-Factor Principles. Applying and living the concepts of Forgiveness, Clarity, Awareness, and Responsibility, you can create a shift from a divorce environment of chaos to a more compassionate and harmonious split environment for the sake of your kids.

“I met Peter after losing my father. Peter has had a significant influence in my personal life and for my personal family dynamics. His heartfelt attention, guidance, and insights have deeply impacted my own personal development leading to my having more self-confidence and a more insightful understanding for how to be self-empowered in all areas of my life. Thanks to Peter, my marriage and my approach to fatherhood have completely changed in ways I never knew possible.

~ Jordan Zabel, project manager

COURAGE To Find The FIRE Within: Invest In Yourself To Discover Your Passion

Does work leave you feeling unfulfilled at the end of each day?
Are you feeling stuck or simply unsure about how to start changing your life?
Are you frustrated because you’re not living anything close to your dreams?

How do you start living life with EX-cellence?

It takes COURAGE to change your life. The Principles of COURAGE provide a step-by-step road map to discover your passion and utilize your potential so you can Live With EX-cellence.

Clarity of Destination

   Origin of Inspiration

      Unrealized Potential





“Courage to Find the Fire Within is an inspiring and practical guide to overcoming the limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back from stepping into the fullness of our human potential. Get out your journal and get to work – your best life awaits you!”

~ Virginia Muzguiz, Managing Partner, Gateway Referral Institute

Creating A Harmonious Split Master Course

Feeling caught up in the roller coaster of anger, angst, and anxiety of divorce?
How much stress is the situation causing you? Your children?
Unsure about what you can do to change things, especially for the sake of your kids?

Pains of Divorce

° Loss of trust
° Loss of sense of security
° Financial worries
° Loss of sense of family
° Anger
° Frustration
° Regret
° Resentment
° Anxiety
° Reactiveness
° Concern for Your Children
° Rejection
° Disrespect
° Constant Conflict
° Feel Like a Victim
° Dishonesty
° Infidelity
° Verbal Abuse
° Loneliness
° Bitterness
° Etc…


The type of relationship you have with your ex is actually a choice. Consider the potential emotional and psychological impact on your kids from how you move forward.

Think about what your choice is going to be… Amicable co-parenting or a hostile, non-communications based relationship?

Able to compromise or constant resistance, frustration, and fighting? Well thought out actions having a positive impact or reactionary behavior fueled by anger, stress, and frustration planting seeds for emotional and psychological trauma for your children?

You and your ex/ex-to-be obviously look at things through diverse life lenses. When it comes to your kids, wouldn’t it be worth being able to shift your perspective in a way that leads to creating and nurturing a harmonious split to minimize anxiety, stress, anger, resentment, doubt, and guilt?

This is what the Creating A Harmonious Split Master Course is all about.

The EX-Factor process provides a unique framework for creating a more peaceful split environment having a more positive impact for your kids, and for you.


• Form the foundation to let go of anger and angst for the sake of your kids
Get Clarity for what you really want for your kids
• Understand how to make conscious choices to shift the dynamics with your ex and positively change the tone of the “new” version of your relationship
• Avoid the snowballing effects of unmanaged anger and how to create a shift to calmness
Reduce stress & anxiety
Avoid causing life-long trauma that children of divorce often endure
• And more…

Creating A Harmonious Split Master Course Overview

The Modules

“Be Intentional. Live With Excellence.”



·      The main person your anger, angst, and anxiety impacts is you.
·      Forms the foundation to start to let go of anger, regret, resentment, angst, and more…
·      Allows the negative energy between the two of you to shift (for the sake of your kids).
·      Results: You will feel less stressed, anxious, and angry and be less reactive and able to make more positively impacting choices.

2.     CLARITY


·       Your current relationship situation and the impact it’s having on your kids.
·       The potential effects down the road for your kids if things do NOT change?
·       What is driving your behavior…
·       Results: Gain Clarity for what you really want for your kids so you can be more intentionally conscious with your choices.


·       How have you gotten to where you are?
·       What choices have you made that have contributed to where you are?
·       What prior experiences/conditioning in your life contributes to how you make stressful decisions/react?
·       Results: Learn how to develop a mindset more oriented to not taking things personally and to focusing on solutions.



·       Reflect on the ripple effect of your words, choices, actions, reactions, and the consequences of each (the impact of your behavior on others).
·       Different possibilities and perspectives for creating what you really want for your kids and yourself.
·       How could things change if you were able to let go of a few things that typically upset you…
·       Results: Figure out how to create a more Harmonious Split Family Environment for the sake of your kids.


·       Replace your anger, frustration, disdain, and angst with a more empowering way of thinking and feeling to support creating a more harmonious and positive environment for the sake of your kids.
·       Your focusing on what you do NOT want for you and your kids for the ability to focus on what you DO want!
·        Unreasonable reactiveness with calm.
·       Results: Letting go of anger leads to being in control of yourself and of interactions.

Note: As Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is:
“Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.




·       STOP blaming, shaming, and excuse-making.
·       Be Responsible for your words, choices, actions, reactions, and the consequences of each… Integrity begins with the person in the mirror.
·       Take inspired, committed, consistent ACTION to live with Forgiveness, Clarity, Awareness, and Personal Responsibility to create more positive outcomes for your kids, yourself, and the entire former family unit. (This is called follow-through).
·       Results: Taking conscious ACTION leads to different outcomes compared to when you are being reactive.


·       Just because the situation between you and your former spouse has changed, why wouldn’t you still be the best version of you?
·       Reflect on what it means to Be Your Best!
·       Consciously set your Intentions and Intentionally strive to Be Your BEST…
·       Results: Change your energy and get more of what you really want for your kids.

The energy you emanate and the domino effect it creates, likewise attract similar energy. Envision the difference you can make for your kids, for yourself, and beyond when you shift the energy you are putting into your divorce scenario.