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Judy Rubin

Former President of the Board of Directors of Kids in the Middle

Peter Hobler draws from past experiences and speaks with sincerity as he guides parents to focus on the most important principles to teach their young children.

Jordan Zabel

Senior Project Manager

Peter has had a significant influence in my personal life and for my personal family dynamics. His heartfelt guidance and insights have deeply impacted my personal development leading to my having more self-confidence and more understanding for how to be self-empowered in all areas of my life. Thanks to Peter, my marriage and my approach to fatherhood have completely changed in ways I never knew possible.

Lauri Ashton

CEO, Evaluation Enterprises, LLC

At one of the most challenging points in my life, Peter helped me 'dig deep' to rediscover my strength, ability and belief in myself to transform my life into what I envisioned. He is an outstanding coach who cares deeply about his clients and effectively facilitates the mindset and practices of success!