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There is so much pain that often comes with the experience of going through separation and divorce. Emotions are heightened and extreme reactionary behavior tends to become the norm.

You feel the pain. Your ex feels the pain. Your children certainly feel the pain.

Children are caught in the middle. They have absolutely no say in what is going on or in how the two of you are handling things and interacting with one another. They can feel guilty, unloved, confused, depressed, afraid…

During the duress of divorce, parents’ heated, reactive, accusatory, and threatening words and behavior can lead to lifelong psychological and emotional trauma for children.

As a parent, your words, choices, behavior, especially your anger fueled reactions, and the consequences of each, impact, affect, and teach your children by example.

Split Harmony shares insights and guidance based on The EX-Factor Principles. Applying and living the concepts of Forgiveness, Clarity, Awareness, and Responsibility, you can create a shift from a divorce environment of chaos to a more compassionate and harmonious split environment for the sake of your kids.

“I met Peter after losing my father. Peter has had a significant influence in my personal life and for my personal family dynamics. His heartfelt attention, guidance, and insights have deeply impacted my own personal development leading to my having more self-confidence and a more insightful understanding for how to be self-empowered in all areas of my life. Thanks to Peter, my marriage and my approach to fatherhood have completely changed in ways I never knew possible.

~ Jordan Zabel, project manager