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There are times the challenges of life can seem overwhelming, even insurmountable. When trying to go it alone, the challenges often seem to intensify… depression, insecurity, loss of identity, heightened stress, indecision, self-doubt, frustration, anger, anxiety, confusion, a sense of confusion, rejection, fear of financial challenges, and on the list goes…

The right coach having core values grounded in being open, honest, insightful, caring, compassionate, holding you accountable, and who provides integrity-based guidance makes all the difference in the world. For you, for your family, for your career, to live your passion…

* Note: For specific insights and details pertaining   to the realm of separation and divorce, see the Split Harmony Coaching Page.

The difference between Personal development coaching and therapeutic counseling

Coaching hones in on helping you gain Clarity for what you want and what it takes for you to make this your reality.

Counseling, often referred to as psychotherapy, involves working with a healthcare professional who focuses on the past… the emotional, traumatic experiences that have led to issues stemming from past subconscious conditioning. The goals tend to revolve around changing disempowering and self-destructive habits, working through feelings of emotional pain, repairing and improving relationship situations.

The “EX-FACTOR” Personal development coaching establishes a process to shift personal Belief Systems through gleaning Clarity for what you want, figuring out what Inspires you, creating a more self-empowered Mindset, how Integrity starts with taking Personal Responsibility, developing heightened Awareness, how Gratitude and fear cannot co-exist, and what it will mean for you, your family, your career, when you start Living with Excellence… being your best.

The “EX-FACTOR” coaching approach will inspire you to gain Clarity and develop the COURAGE to move forward to live a life of Excellence.


The “EX-FACTOR” step-by-step system provides empowerment through experience, insights, and guidance with the mission to help and support you break through the obstacles that have been holding you back.

To help you discover your incredible unrealized potential. Through your experiences, genetic make-up, thought processes, and personal Belief System you have developed unique characteristics, talents, skills, abilities, strengths, and desires.

Your childhood, relationships, and life’s experiences formed subconscious fears that have likely stifled you in various areas of your life. These are the greatest obstacles holding you back. If you are like me, these are the very things that have caused you to hesitate, keeping you from taking empowered action.

It’s time to step into being the person you really are, to live your God-given potential.

The “EX-FACTOR” Will Help You:

   Be able to resolve underlying pains such as:

  • Understanding the obstacles holding you back such as frustration, anxiety, stress, rejection, conflict, challenges, and concerns
  • Figuring out obstacles caused by emotional and psychological trauma from the past, a loss of identity, diminished self-confidence, the inability to express your feelings

Experience the empowering benefits of:

  • Gleaning Clarity for what you really want
  • Uncovering what Inspires you
  • Discovering and believing in your Unrealized Potential
  • Understanding that Integrity begins with taking Personal Responsibility
  • Realizing that Awareness is where it all begins
  • Applying the Principle of Gratitude daily
  • Stepping up and living with Excellence

The “EX-FACTOR” Philosophy:








As a result you will:

  • Feel Excitement
  • Hone in on your Expertise
  • Create empowering Expectations
  • Develop a sense of Expediency
  • Understand the importance of Execution
  • Expose yourself to new experiences to Expand your “Belief Boundaries”
  • Know why it’s important to Exercise your mind and body
  • Achieve RESULTS through open, honest, and vulnerable Expression
  • Develop Explicit Clarity for what you really want
  • Be Intentionally Extraordinary each and every day to create the health, life, relationships, career, business, and the results it takes to get you there.

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