Be Intentional. Live With EX-cellence.


Message: To help entrepreneur dads of divorce realize that it is possible to create an environment of divorce where your kids are thriving, even if the ex won’t work with you to co-parent.

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Purpose: To help children of divorce via their parents.

Mission: To change the world by positively impacting the lives of at least 100,000 children of divorce.

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The EX-FACTOR Philosophy provides an insightful 4 principles based, 7 step approach for your relationships, health, career, and business.

Create a shift in your mindset, your way of thinking, and subsequently in your life. The EX-FACTOR guides you to gain Clarity for what you really want so you can shift your focus from being on the past and the things holding you back, so you feel inspired to step into your true potential.

What is it that’s been getting in the way of your being able to create an environment of divorce where your children are thriving?

What’s been keeping you from realizing your incredible potential, from having the COURAGE to Be Intentional so you can Live EXtraordinary?

Most people know what they do NOT want and without realizing it, this is what they focus on. The tragic irony of this is that they end up getting more of what they do NOT want and are not feeling inspired about what they are doing much less Being their Best.

88% of the workforce in the U.S. go home at the end of the workday feeling frustrated, drained, unhappy, stuck, and simply put, miserable and unfulfilled. Then they unknowingly go home and take out their misery on the very people they love.

The EX-FACTOR brand and philosophy focus on developing & nurturing the mindset & ways of thinking you need to take your life, relationship, career, & business, to the next level.

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1. EX-onerate – Forgiveness forms the foundation on which to move forward.

2. EX-amine Where are you in life, and why? What do you really want, and why aren’t things more the way you really want?

3. EX-cavate – Reflect on the obstacles holding you back. Uncover and expose them so you can leave them behind.

4. EX-plore Possibilities; perspectives; mindset & new ways of thinking; the law of attraction; options.

5. EX-change The old attitude/mindset/version of you so you can “Be Intentional and Live With EX-cellence” to create a shift in your life.

6. EX-ecute – Take focused, consistent, courageous action to create inertia and momentum leading to change, results, and success.

7. EX-traordinary   – Be extraordinary every day to create the health, life, relationships, career, and business you really want.


The Ex-Factor is very relevant in the realm of divorce. For the sake of your kids…

° Learn how to create an environment of divorce where your children are thriving 

° Learn to how to deal with the emotional pain of divorce

° Learn how to let go of the frustration, anger, regret, resentment, anxiety

° And more…

“Living with COURAGE to Intentionally Be the person you were truly born to be

is essential to success in any realm of life.”

The 7 Principles of COURAGE

Clarity of Destination

Origin of Inspiration

Unrealized Potential







    “Be Intentional. Live With EX-cellence.

Discover it… Be it… Live it!

Split Harmony

During the duress of divorce, parents’ heated, reactive, accusatory, and threatening words and behavior can lead to lifelong psychological trauma for children. As a parent, your words, choices, behavior, and the consequences of each, impact, affect, and teach your children by example. 

Split Harmony shares The Ex-Factor’s insights and guidance based on Forgiveness, Clarity, Awareness, and Responsibility to transform the divorce environment from chaos to compassion so you can create an environment where your children are thriving.

I’m excited to share a free chapter of Split Harmony with you to help you begin your journey.  Get it using the button below!

The Creating a Harmonious Split Master Course

Regain control of your emotions to change the underlying dynamics and keep your children from suffering the traumatic consequences.

The Master Course helps you get off the anger and blame roller-coaster with your ex.  You can’t afford to wait any longer.

This course is for:

  •  Anyone who is divorced or soon to be divorced and knows their kids don’t deserve to suffer due to their choices.
  • Corporate-minded adults who are willing to put in the work to make themselves and ultimately their relationship with their kids better.
  • Anyone ready to STOP blaming their ex or their circumstances for everything that goes wrong.




Peter Hobler

Peter Hobler, MBA, is the driving force behind “The Ex-Factor” brand, developer of The 7 Principles of COURAGE, architect of The Vicious Cycle of Subconscious Fear, author of COURAGE To Find The FIRE Within: Invest In Yourself To Discover Your Passion and Split Harmony: Turn The “Ex-Factor” from Chaos to Compassion, keynote speaker, and Personal Development Coach.